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Save Don’t Pave Spruce Creek

No Pioneer Interchange Fundraiser Event

Please come to our October 15th, 2022 Fundraiser party to help stop the awful Pioneer Trail/I-95 Interchange! Food and entertainment provided. Location: Yaupon Brothers American Tea in Edgewater, FL. Tickets are only $50 when you buy two; get them here!

Our Mission

Spruce Creek is an ecological masterpiece, wildlife corridor, and home to protected plant and animal species. Our mission is to protect it from an unnecessary, environmentally devastating interchange.

The Interchange

The I-95 Interchange/Pioneer Trail project has been resuscitated despite an outpouring of citizen objections.

Check out the latest progress on the St. John’s River Water Management District permitting process here.

How You Can Help

Spruce Creek has provided water, recreation, and a home to plants, animals and humans for thousands of years. It’s time to do something for her.

Share your comments with the SJRWMD here and Click “Comments.” Also, please join our fundraiser event on 10/15/22 at Yaupon Brothers American Tea; buy tickets here!

The I-95 Interchange Project History

It wasn’t popular from the beginning, but that didn’t stop regulatory agencies, local government officials and a local developer from pursuing permits.

How You Can Help

Hosting yard signs, writing letters, signing a petition, attending events, and talking to your elected public officials and regulatory agencies are some ways you can help.

About Us

We are a group of concerned citizens who care about this environmental jewel and want to protect Spruce Creek for future generations. Check out our social media channels and email us at

“In nature, nothing exists alone.”

Rachel Carson

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”

John Keats

“What’s the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on.”

Henry David Thoreau

Help us Save Spruce Creek

100% of your contributions will go to support our mission.

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3 thoughts on “Save Don’t Pave Spruce Creek”

  1. I grew up fishing that creek, if the local government impair that water body and the associated ecosystems, I will never forget it. I promise that.

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