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Candidate Position Statements* on the I-95/Pioneer Trail Interchange

*these are the verbatim responses to emails requesting the candidates position on the I-95/Pioneer Trail Interchange. These Primary Candidate Position Statements* on the Interchange were updated 11.6.2022. Please send any updates or statements to to be included. These are updated as we receive new information. Please review and vote accordingly:

Volusia County Council District 1

Volusia County Council District 2

  • Don Dempsey is looking into it.

Volusia County Council District 3

  • Ted Noftall opposes the Interchange

Volusia County Council District 4:

  • Ken Smith opposes the Interchange and stated, ” I hereby pledge that I will not support the construction of a pioneer trail interchange.”
  • Rob Littleton: “I support the construction of the I-95 Pioneer Trail Interchange.”

Volusia County Council District 5:

  • David Sosa opposes the Interchange

Volusia County Council At Large:

  • Doug Pettit: “Of course I oppose it, I was there supporting Chairman Jeff Brower when he announced his opposition to it and sent the letter to the Governor.  I have also posted my opposition on my campaign Facebook page Doug Pettit for Volusia County Council At Large.”

New Smyrna Beach Mayor:

  • Susan Sigler: “I do not support the proposed I-95/Pioneer Trail Interchange. While I do believe that traffic is a large concern, by putting more traffic on roads that do not have the infrastructure to maintain that volume I am against it.”
  • Spencer S. Hathaway: “Ultimately, I would like more information. I am very concerned about the impact on our infrastructure and environment. I also am concerned about getting involved in potential litigation to attempt to stop a project that is outside of our control. I do not want to promise folks something I cannot deliver on. I would like to negotiate and advocate for additional funding to absorb the effects of this Interchange if it is a foregone conclusion.”

New Smyrna Beach Commission Zone 1

  • Michael Kolody: “I do not support the intersection as planned. As we all know traffic to the barrier island is limited to the North and South Causeways. Adding an access way through basically undeveloped areas will cause disruption and overcrowding to Pioneer Trail eastward, Sugar Mill Trail and Turnbull without significant improvement to those routes. Poor planning.”

New Smyrna Beach Commission Zone 2

  • Lisa Martin opposed the Interchange.
  • Steve Snively: “A federal environmental study should be performed to assess the impact of the proposed I-95/Pioneer Trail Interchange on: (a) Spruce Creek; (b) the surrounding wetlands; (c) the Indian River Lagoon; and (d) wildlife movement to and from the Spruce Creek Preserve. Only then can an informed decision be made to support or oppose the project.”
  • David McKenna: “I do not support the Pioneer Interchange. There’s way too many environmental and infrastructure concerns for me to support that effort.”

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